President's Letter

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July 2021

Dear NYAAPOR Members and Friends,

As my term comes to a close in this extraordinary 12 months, I am heartened to see that the chapter has weathered the pandemic very well. We were all able to offer a full slate of events to all of you, touching on the key issues of our day – the election, the Census, vaccinations, and diversity and inclusion – as well as evergreen research issues, such as text analysis. Even though every one of our events was virtual, they were well-attended, and they generated stimulating discussion. Our Student Poster Competition with PANJAAPOR highlighted an impressively strong array of diverse, well-researched, and rigorous papers from the next generation of survey researchers. 

Jay Mattlin

NYAAPOR 2020-21 President


The chapter’s success this year is entirely attributable to the exceptionally dedicated and collegial crew of Council and Committee members with whom I have been fortunate to work. We are especially grateful to...

  • Our resourceful outgoing Program Chair Greg Holyk and his dedicated Programming Committee, consisting of incoming Program Chair Patrick Hoey, Marjorie Connelly, Charlie Reimann, and Michael Lenmark. Thank you all for managing our programs and keeping our programming calendar full, rich, and informative.

  • The team behind the memorable Student Poster Competition - Chris Weiss who co-chaired with Michael Lenmark who helped to organize and MC’ed the event, and incoming Councilor-at-Large Kathleen Weldon, who wove all of the student videos together.

I would also like to thank outgoing Past President Randal Ries, outgoing Membership Chair Amanda Marziliano, and outgoing Secretary-Treasurer Tracy Goodwin, who will be rotating off the Council, for their support, guidance, and friendly reminders to me. 

I owe special thanks to outgoing Communications Chair MJ Emery, who did a phenomenally conscientious job of putting our outgoing email invitations together, setting them up in Eventbrite, and continuing to track their progress; to incoming Communications Chair Lea Williams Rose for constantly updating our website and diligently promoting our events on social media accounts; and finally, our Councilor-at-Large, the indefatigable Donato Vaccaro, who not only maintained our sponsorship levels this year but also tirelessly promoted every event to every one of his numerous friends, acquaintances, and professional colleagues.

NYAAPOR’s continued vitality over the past 12 months attests to the continued vitality of the marketing and opinion research profession in the New York area. Even as questions are raised about polling and as data science grabs the spotlight from traditional insights roles, we have seen the myriad uses to which survey research can be put, from monitoring vaccine acceptance to maintaining employee engagement to improving users’ experiences with news sites, shopping, and exercise equipment. Nobody who has monitored the chapter’s activities in the past 12 months can doubt the continued relevance of traditional quantitative and qualitative research or the importance of professionalism in conducting that research. 

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve as your chapter president this past year. I am excited to be passing the baton to incoming President Amber Ott, with whom I’ve served on Council for several years and whom I confidently expect to lead NYAAPOR to another memorable, stimulating year!  I look forward to finally seeing everyone at the events that she and the incoming Council put together for us!



​​​With warm regards,


Jay Mattlin