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AI in Action

AI in Action

An Interactive Workshop on Applying AI to Public Opinion Research

This practical session was designed for all skill and experience levels, offering participants a chance to explore how AI — and especially ChatGPT — can transform public opinion research. The presenters talked about the benefits and challenges of using AI in polling and discussed ways to harness its strengths and curtail its weaknesses. Experience the full journey yourself, from generating ideas and designing a questionnaire to analyzing, visualizing and synthesizing survey results. You’ll also get a taste of other applications, such as AI-assisted interviewing, topic modeling, personal productivity, and image generation. 


Taylor Orth is a senior data journalist at YouGov. She has a PhD in sociology from Stanford. Her work includes polling on news, politics, technology and lifestyle topics. Over the past year, Taylor has been exploring ways to incorporate AI technology into the design and analysis of surveys.


Carl Bialik is YouGov's U.S. politics editor and vice president of data science. He previously worked at the Wall Street Journal, FiveThirtyEight and Yelp. He works with Taylor on polling, media collaborations and incorporating AI into polling.

Jun 14, 2023

9:00 PM

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