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Crafting and Conducting Qualitative Interviews

Crafting and Conducting Qualitative Interviews

An Interactive Training Workshop

Please join us for our upcoming NYAAPOR training workshop on qualitative research. This session will focus on discussion guide development and strategies (e.g., crafting questions, order and flow, etc.) and interview and moderation guidelines (e.g., do’s/don’ts, building rapport, probing, etc.).

Learning outcomes/objectives include:

  • Learn how to structure and write a discussion guide that follows best practices.

  • Learn how to craft thoughtful questions that encourage people to open up and provide more detail.

  • Become familiar with some basic activities that can be used to vary the discussion flow and energy.

  • Learn how to optimize your interview for insights (e.g., capture meaningful data, minimize bias, etc.).

  • Understand other moderationfactors that should be considered while conducting interviews.

The workshop will feature hands-on learning with interactive exercises throughout. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to establish or enhance your qualitative capabilities!

Facilitator bio:

Marissa Brown is Vice President, Qualitative Specialist at Bovitz, Inc., a full-service custom research consultancy. Marissa has led qualitative research for Bovitz globally, including serving as the US moderator and providing in-person oversight in Europe and Asia. Prior to joining Bovitz, Marissa was a Sensory Scientist at Conagra Brands (then ConAgra Foods) representing the voice of the consumer for iconic brands like Slim Jim, Healthy Choice, Hunts, and Reddi-wip. Marissa completed her MS in Consumer & Sensory Science at Kansas State University and holds a BS in Food Science from the University of Delaware.

Jun 4, 2024

9:00 PM

432 Park Avenue, New York, NY, USA

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