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Political Rumors

Political Rumors

Why We Accept Misinformation and How to Fight It

Please join us for a book talk and Q&A session with Professor Adam Berinsky (MIT), the author of Political Rumors: Why We Accept Misinformation and How to Fight It. In this new book, drawing on original survey and experimental data, Berinsky examines why political rumors exist and persist despite their unsubstantiated and refuted claims, who is most likely to believe them, and how to combat them. As we embark upon the 2024 election season, you won’t want to miss this event!

6:00-6:30pm – in-person networking

6:30-7:30pm – book talk and Q&A

7:30-8:00pm – more networking

Mar 27, 2024

10:00 PM

Advertising Research Foundtn, Park Avenue South, New York, NY, USA

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