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Presidential Primaries

Presidential Primaries

Public Opinion & Strategic Voting

Please join us for a webinar to kick off NYAAPOR’s 2023-24 event schedule!  As we begin to dive into primary debates for the 2024 election cycle, this webinar will focus on Public Opinion & Presidential Primaries.  Our featured speaker, Professor Jon Green (Duke University), will present an overview of “Strategic Discrimination in the 2020 Democratic Primary,”* followed by a moderated discussion and Q&A regarding possible implications of what we may expect to see in the 2024 GOP Primary.  Professor Green’s remarks will also highlight the opportunities and challenges associated with utilizing a conjoint survey experiment methodology to generate insights into American public opinion.      


*Green, Schaffner and Luks. Public Opinion Quarterly (2022) Vol. 86 No. 4 886-898

Sep 20, 2023

10:00 PM

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